September 2015 – Resounder

Resounder 16:9 Shelton Lonberg-Holm Rosaly

In June 2014 I was in Chicago for a week.  While there I had a half day recording session with two musicians for whom I have great respect for in terms of their extremely unique playing and personalities: Fred Lonberg-Holm and Frank Rosaly.
Later in the year as I was mixing it, I started thinking about what it would sound like if I added some processing to certain instruments on certain tracks in an attempt to enhance what was already going on. This turned the music in a different direction and became the album Resounder out now on Singlespeed Music.

Here are two tracks from the album.  If you like what you hear, you can read more about the album, the members of the group, and get a copy of the disc at

The album artwork, and the image at the top of this email, was made by layering macro images of a window. This short video uses those same visuals with audio from the track Hope for Symbioses. I made the video in Jitter, the visual component of the audio program I use for live electronics (MaxMSP).