Ton Trio II at Duende – May 18, 2013

Ton Trio II is my newest trio with the young bassist Scott Brown and the “secret weapon” drummer Alex Vittum. We’ve been playing as a trio since early December 2012 at a monthly show at the Layover, a bar in downtown Oakland that is now having creative jazz type music on Monday nights thanks to Fernando Carpenter from VAMP records.  A few months back Jeff Parker contacted me about doing a show together, and things aligned for a night at Duende, a new Basque themed restaurant that is also in downtown Oakland, and has a dedicated performance space for our kind of music. (It’s a great time here in Oakland – places actually opening up that respect this kind of music!)

The space is in the upstairs area, and while sound comes in from the restaurant area, the character of the space makes it worth it.  Ton Trio II played the first set, and we went through seven of our tunes. The room felt good and we played one of the best sets we’ve had to date. Making it all the better, we had a really great turnout, including a lot of friends.  Jeff’s Trio with Chad Taylor (drums) and Chris Lopes (bass) sounded excellent. They have such a connected way of playing together – and there’s a lot of nuances that you can miss if not paying full attention.

Omid Zoufonoun made a very nice two camera video of our set. Keep an eye out for it on the youTube