Bennett Shelton Flux Theatre 8-14-2009

Tonight played in east Oakland with Aaron Bennett at the Flux Theater. It’s a relatively new space in a tough stretch of Foothill Blvd out in the general Mills area. We got added to the show this week – Aaron asked me to play some duo music, I thought, yes. A few years back I was never into playing with multiple saxophonists, but these days I’ve been getting more into it. I really like Aaron’s playing, so of course I’ll play with him. So we played a bunch of his tunes – some of which we played with Gogo Fightmaster earlier this week but with different arrangements. Some other tunes that shared characteristics with the GGFM music. All of it high energy!
I played alto & tenor, Aaron did tenor and baritone. Not alot of space for breaths! We tore through a set, my favorite one was Cops and Robbers, not to be confused with this gem.

After we played a group from Louisville called Vampire Squid took the stage – a young band on a whirlwind US tour, they’ve got a lot going on and the music is ambitious. Strong players, a really good violinist – I liked what they did. Some kids from the neighborhood wandered in and out, some of them wanted to rhyme over beats, and the vampire squid decided to let them – it made for a good moment when am mc seemed a bit nervous was doing his thing and his friend danced well with a huge grin on his face. Hope the VS have a good trip back to the land of bourbon – – – —-


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