Marches Blue Six 8-12-2009

My new group is called Marches. I’m thinking of it as a compartmentalized group where the music can be played as a trio, quartet, quintet or larger. The music has been on my mind for a bit now – I played some of it back in April with Bauder, Ajemian and Eisestadt when I was in New York; played some of it in June with Keefe Jackson, Anton Hatwich and Marc Riordan in Chicago. But now I’ve brought it back to the West Coast where I wrote it and am starting to get some dates with Jordan Glenn on drums, Cory Wright on tenor & baritone saxes, Gene Baker on organ and Nate Brenner on bass. Like I said, the lineup can change. A few weeks ago I played some of the music with Gene and Jordan – and it was alot of fun.

Tonight was the debut of quartet style: played with Cory, Gene and Jordan at Blue Six in the Mission. Last month, when I was up in Oregon with Jordan and Cory, we played a show with Reed Wallsmith and Sly Pig, the saxophonists in the band Blue Cranes. They’re good fellows who play good music, and they were coming down for a California weekend. So, we shared the bill this night. They played the first set, and their music is very well written, with pop sensibilities and a full sound for a band. I had learned the secret code for “you’re getting too loud” and got concerned when I heard it used during their set, because in practice Marches has been pretty full. The music is active and energetic with strong melodies that need to be played with some volume. Also, I’m playing tenor in the group and my tenor setup – a Buescher Aristocrat – is not shy.

well, we played and as the set went on, we never got the cue to tone it down – either we weren’t that loud or Joe really liked it (I think the latter, after talking to him after the show). Again, playing the music was FUN – lots of energy – this band is a strong combination of players – Cory sounds especially great on tenor. We’ve got some work to tighten up the music, but from where we’re starting, I feel this will go somewhere good. Here’s a track called Pacheco. I wrote it with Ton Trio in mind, but it works very well with this group. I’m playing tenor, Cory’s on baritone.

In other news: looks like the Fast Citizens album we made in January will be coming out this fall on Delmark Records! It will be released in October – it’s very good news…..


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