Shelton Baker Glenn 7-29-2009

Last night played at the Climate Theater in SF with Jordan Glenn and Gene Baker. Michael Coleman had asked me to bring a group for the night, he was playing in his trio Beep with Nate Brenner on bass and Jordan on drums. Our original plan was to improvise, but last minute I thought of bringing some music along – a few pieces that Ton Trio played when we were over in Europe this spring, and some other things. Real glad I did. Plying with Gene and Jordan was great – we improvised and played the tunes, Gene held it down on the Hohner Organ – his bass concept fitting in perfectly on the pieces I brought. I played alto and tenor – the tenor has been fun to get back to (picked one up of the craigslist about a month ago). There was good energy the whole set, and really strong improvising. Basically I had alot of fun playing with those fellows and can’t wait for the next time.

Beep! Trio played next – Michael & Nate are great players – and Jordan, subbing for Sam Ospovat, fit in real well with their style. Lots of influences on the music, definitely not a standard piano trio.
So, a good night of music, my first time at the Climate – it’s a good space to play in, with good sound and a proper atmosphere. thanks to David for the show.


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