Weasel Walter Quintet 2-9-09

Last monday night played at the Ivy Room up in Albany with Weasel’s quintet. Our last date was at the Uptown in Oakland. the big difference between that night and this one is that we’ve been rehearsing almost regularly, so we know the music better, and are able to take some more liberties with it. Easier for the horns to get away from the material and then back into it with smaller cues – which makes it flow better from composition to improvisation. Darren had a really great solo about midway through. We all played with alot of energy – you can see in this video:

Weasel Walter Quintet > Performance 2-9-2009 from weasel walter on Vimeo.

The first set of the night was the duo of Jacob Felix Heule and Tony Dryer – they did a very quiet set and had setup in a spot surrounded by the audience – a good way to counteract the muffled acoustics in the space while playing very quietly.
The last set was Bad Paradise, a group made up of Steve Dood, Cansafis of No Doctors and Andrew – electronic / experimental / weird / dance – a good set to cap off the night – the three sets were VERY different – which I like.


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