Paper Leg at Ivy Room 12-08-2008

Up in Albany at the Ivy Room they’ve been having shows on Monday nights. Eric Leppo tends bar there on Mondays and keeps this series going – thanks to him!
Played with Trevor Healy for the first time in a bit. I brought my alto and bass clarinet, used Max/MSP for processing, and was able to use his guitar sounds as well. Trevor makes big thick walls of sound with his guitar and electronics noise changing tools (pedals) including of course the electronic system for wind instruments. Our method of playing together has stayed consistent during our hiatus – we tend to take our time getting moving through different spaces in music, which makes a two hour rehearsal move by fast, and a 45 minute set that much faster.
Andrew Conklin’s band Quinn played second, a rock band with a good variety of songs – and then Jordan Glenn’s & Karl Evangelista’s instrumental band Host Family – pretty complex arrangements with multiple meters and pieces finding unexpected ways into others.


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