Arrive Tour, Ash pt 2, to NYC. July 28-31, 2008

The second week of our tour was a lot more work than the first. While we were able to spend some quality time in the Carolinas, we had alot of ground to cover on the back half of our trip. From Charlotte we went back to Asheville to play at the Admiral, a new polace run by the same folk that have brought us the Whig in Columbia. They took care of us with great food and we played two sets, possibly our best playing night of the tour. I think a few things contributed to us playing well = one of which was a detour in a river that feeds into Lake Lure about 30 miles east of Asheville. A good time.
After our second stop in Asheville the driving started – we headed up to Richmond, a 6 hour drive, and played a show at the Camel. The band Glows in the Dark played first. The next day we headed to Philly, a 4 1/2 hour jaunt, not so bad, but we left town right after the show to drive into NYC to beat the traffic. Philly was good – got into town with plenty of time to hang out before the show which was downtown at the Gershman Y, a nice building that houses the Jewish Athletic Hall of Fame. Bowerbird put on a nice show for us with Dan Blacksburg’s Synthesis Music playing a set. The room was a gallery but with good acoustics. The crowd was small but enthusiastic, and it was a good night.
Driving into NYC at night was a good decision. We got in around 2 AM, and were able to sleep in – though it was a hot one in the city. We spent the day hanging out with Matt Bauder, played basketball in the park where we lost by a pretty big margin to some neighborhood kids, but at least were able to feel good about the fact that they were arguing over some points and with each other form time to time. Pus, Daisy was wearing sandals and Matt’s game was off. if we’d brought some water we would’ve been dangerous & not just dehydrated.
We played at Zebulon that night, lot’s of great pictures can be seen here (Look for July 31, 2008 Arrive). The first set was Mary Halvorson, Tatsuya Nakatani, and Reuben Radding – they played a set that got pretty loud, I hadn’t seen Tatsuya play loud before, and it sounded great – he was bringing out all his trademark colors and textures, but with an incredible volume.
We played the second set, and there was a good crowd – though there were a fair share of talkers. The night felt like one at the Hungry Brain in Chicago – lots of younger musicians, plenty of people to meet and run into. Bauder’s Day in Pictures played last – Tomas Fujiwara on drums, Jason Ajemian on bass, Nate Wooley on trumpet, and Jeremy Wilms on guitar.
We left New York that night after the show – drove a few hours and found a hotel.


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