Arrive Columbia 7-25 & 26 2008

Back on down to the capitol of South Carolina, Columbia. Our man Ross set up two dates for us, the first at the Columbia Museum of Art and the second at the Whig. Both places are on Main Street, separated by a few blocks. The Museum show was first, on Friday night. There was a good amount of press for this show and there was quite a good turnout – a close to full house in the auditorium. We played two sets, the first a bit longer than the second and the audience was quite attentive and appreciative. Someone took a few videos of the concert and have posted them up on youtube – here’s one – On Time:

We went back to Ross’s for a cookout after the show – Mahi Mahi. (Being at a Museum it was a earlier show than ay of the other ones on the tour and finished by 9pm.) We enjoyed the southern night and I fell asleep watching Sans Soleil by Chris Marker.
The next day was basically a day off as our show at the Whig wasn’t to start until after 10pm. We got some great food at the Blue Cactus and wasted time in little 5 points before we went back to Ross’s and had a second cookout in as many days, this time with Salmon and Chicken. Delicious. By the time we got to the Whig to load in there was already a good sized crowd and the two sets we played were punctuated by plenty of applause and a fair amount of bizarre comments from random folks. The particularly memorable ones made by a fellow wearing sunglasses and mardi gras beads. A great stay in Columbia, two shows with more than a hundred people seeing the music. Got our tour on the right track.


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