Arrive Charlotte Century 7-27-2008

An easy drive from Columbia back into NC to go to Charlotte, the queen city. Brent Bagwell set up a date for us at Century, a vintage shop that hosts concerts in it’s back room. AS the drive was short we didn’t leave Columbia until about 4:30, got into twon around 6 and got some BBQ foods around the corner. The heat really started getting intense this day. Thankfully in the south people recognize this as a fact of life and have the AC to deal with it. (Unlike in NYC where I’m writing these posts from.)
Brent brought his Project Bluebird this night. It’s a six piece group made up of 4 musicians from Charlotte and two from Raleigh / Durham over in the eastern part of NC. The full lineup is Ben Kennedy on cello and violin; Carrie Shull on oboe and English horn; Crowmeat Bob Pence on alto and baritone saxophones and bass clarinet; Brent Bagwell on tenor and baritone saxophones and clarinet; Ron Brendle on bass; and newcomer Molly J. Brown on tuba. Nice instrumentation with interesting arrangements and a distinct aura of musicality happening. My favorite group we’ve played with on the tour yet.
Our set went well – though the room is dry, it’s not difficult to play in, and as a listener, everything is clear. Afterwards we hung out at the Snug Harbor and got into a nasty game of cornhole – a good time. Stayed at Brent’s new place and was able to hang out a little bit with him & his son Charlie the next day. Thanks Brent!


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