Arrive Bloomington Cinemat 7-22-2008

First night of the tour – a four hour drive from Chicago. This date was set up with pretty short notice as our usual connection in Lexington had to cancel the date due to fire marshal regulations. David Miller, a trumpet player, set up a date for us at a space called Cinemat. My first time in Bloomington. We shared the bill with two other groups – a trio of Dan Wicks, Tony Salas and DeRobertis; David Miller’s group DMC Improvisers Trio with Marty Belcher, plus guest Vicky Alexandra. Due to the turnout it was more a night to hear each others music. Each of the opening bands had nice moments and were similar in that there was no drummer in either group. We played a set of 4 newer songs and two older. There are a number of new parts, so this date was definitely a bit on the unrefined side but still felt good. Marty put us up at his place slightly on the outside of town – a beautiful home surrounded by trees with lots of windows and space. Thanks to him & David.

Arrive is the quartet of Aram Shelton, Jason Adasiewicz, Jason Roebke, and Tim Daisy. They are on tour from July 21st to August 6th.


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