Arrive Asheville Bobo 7-24-2008

A short 2 hour drive to Asheville from Knoxville in the late afternoon. Shane Perlowin set up a date for us at the Bobo Gallery – a home away form home for many of us from Chicago. Brad, the owner, is a genuine good fellow and is so supportive of what we do. It’s a good thing. As we got into town, barricades were being set up all around the downtown district, and keeping us away from the Gallery. After about a half hour of circling, we finally found a place to park about 4 blocks away and had to hike in all the equipment. We set up and took a walk around downtown Asheville, getting some dinner. This was a our first real show of the tour. A good crowd formed by the time we played – Shane opened with a quartet of Joe & Michael of Mind vs. Target plus a bassist Trevor Stoia, an improvised set with a structure. We played all the new material and it’s starting to feel really good – Shevitz really came our of the gates – his first solo was super on, just navigating all over the bars with the four-stick mallets – fun to watch and hear. The added energy from the crowd really pushed us on throughout the set. There Was is now working.

Arrive is the quartet of Aram Shelton, Jason Adasiewicz, Jason Roebke, and Tim Daisy. They are on tour from July 21st to August 6th.


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