California Tour – Pt 3 – Sacramento

The week continues – on Wednesday the 20th worked during the day and then went up to Sacramento with Paper legs for a house show at the Fun Castle – we left Oakland around 7 and had a much better drive to the capitol than the last time we went – waiting for rush hour to die down is a good thing. We still had a little daylight left when we got into downtown Sactown – it was real nice out, the large trees and clean streets making us feel like we were in an old midwest town with better weather. Paper Legs invited me to play with them on this night, I brought my Bb clarinet and laptop. We were going to share the bill with Zac Nelson’s Hexlove, but by the time we finished, he decided to not play – he said we put him in too good of a mood to play the loud rock that late – think we didn’t finish until 11:30 – which isn’t that late, but on a wednesday in someone’s house it feels that much later. We played second and some kids from Davis played the set before, one with a variety of instruments and MSP electronics, one doing movement, one doing spoken word type ramblings.
our set felt good – though I hadn’t played with brian yet, I have played with trevor and listening to them the few nights previously in LA and Oakland I knew how I wanted to try to get into the fold with them. I sat crosslegged the whole time and my left leg had fallen asleep by the end of the set…..we stayed there for the night and drank some rum mojitoes before going to sleep. The next morning we woke up early and left town by 7 am – passing by the state capitaol building where arnold schwarzenegger may have been working out – who knows? and Trevor and Brian dropped me off at work around 8:45 in emeryville. Some people do that commute everyday – crazy people.
The next day we did a recording session for them at my practice space. Recorded about 3 hours worth of improvisations and I joined them on a few. A busy full week – never felt stressed about things though – the way it should be.


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