Ton Trio Bluesix 4-12-2008

Bluesix is a performance space in the Mission – it’s a storefront space with wood floors and windows in the front – a good place for music. Ton Trio has been playing – we actually played a week and a half ago at the 1510 space. We’ve been working on music getting ready to record in a few weeks. It was an unusually warm night in San Francisco following a hot day – might’ve been in the 80’s during the day, and one of those rare nights in the bay area when you don’t need any kind of jacket at night.
Damon Smith and Kristian Aspelin played a duo set first – they played well together, playing active improvised music, with a wide array of sounds and motives, while allowing distinct moments to happen. When listening to good improvised music like that, you wonder why you need to write anything down.

By the time Ton Trio played our set some people had showed up and the room was comfortably filled. I felt good about our set, we’re getting more comfortable with each others playing, so are able to push things a little farther along in terms of making connections between the improvised and written material. I played alto saxophone and bass clarinet. just got some work done on the BC which makes a huge difference with that old horn. Warm enough in the room to make it feel like summer – unusual in these parts……..


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