Shelton Healy Nelson 3-6-2008

Played at 1510 8th Street in West Oakland this night, with Trevor Healy and Zac Nelson, a drummer from Sacramento who we met just a few months ago – Trevor & I went up there, met him and his friend Carson McWhirter at a studio up there across from a Safeway with a silver horse statue and recorded improvisations for 3 hours. Good stuff came of it. Zac’s drumming style is aggresive, rhythmically solid and different from other drummers I play with – good times. Tonight as a trio we played three different roles, Trevor creating complex layers, Zac being the rhythmic base and me playing fast and loud on top – it felt good – I had gotten into a frustrated mood before leaving my place – a result of being cooped up at the job during the week after a nice few weeks without doing the 9-5 – but playing always helps. We had Jeremy of Sophisticuffs join us on our third improvisation – he played baritone saxophone and it was a welcome addition.

George Chen and Steve Santa Maria (Chen Santa Maria) played the 2nd set – drum machines, George on guitar through a few effects – sounded good in the space – thanks to them for playing!


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