Dragons 1976 Wroclaw 2-24-2008

We lobbied for some extra sleeping time so left Poznan a little later than expected, probably close to noon. We got in to Wroclaw without very much daylight left, we dropped off our instruments at Firlej, the club we were playing that night and then went to the Old town square of Wroclaw. It was similar to the square in Poznan, but the scale was larger – the building a little taller, the church more massive. I learned alter that night that Wroclaw was in Germany before and during WWII and most of it’s buildings were not destroyed during the war. Especially one very large synagogue that we would see later in the night. We ate dinner at a nice restaurant that was modeled on the food and culture of Lwow, a city now in the Ukraine, but at one point in Poland, the borders being changed after wars obviously displacing people families and cities. Not something we think about much in the states. Firlej is a solid venue – a good size room with a large stage, though shorter ceilings. Our set started out a bit rough and it took us a good few songs before I felt comfortable with our playing. We recorded this concert as well – looking forward to hearing these recordings. I played two songs with the Light trio this night – In addition to playing Straight Up and Down we played India by John Coltrane. Every night we played with the Light we could hear them adding more energy to their playing – I would like to think that we influenced them in some ways. Once we were done we went to a bar that looked very old, and had a very catacomb like basement. By the time we made it back to the bed & breakfast we stayed at the caretaker had fallen asleep – we rang the bell many times but nothing. Ajemian had left the door to a balcony connected to his room open and we managed to push him up high enough to climb onto the second floor landing – the next morning the woman thanked us for not calling her boss! We didn’t have that number to cal, so big thanks to squirrel…..


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