Dragons 1976 Poznan 2-23-2008

From Torun to Poznan, another short trip on two lane roads with lots of passing on the sides…got into Poznan early in the afternoon, had plenty of time to check into our rooms and walk around the old town square which was only a block away from the rooms. A beautiful day, it was probably fifty degrees – sunshine, a light breeze. We played that night at Estrada, a very nice jazz club in the format of a black box theatre. This night we also recorded the concert – they have a good assortment of microphones there and the acoustics of the space are on the dry side, good for live recording. We played the first set and played well – Ajemian played a particularly long solo in which he really got into a bass rubbing thing. But, during his solo the photographers phone rang – why is it always during the most quiet moments?

Audrey Chen was in town the same day as us and she played a concert not a block away at a cafe / club called Dragon. Small world. We tried to go after our set, but were not allowed in by the doorman, though she had told him to let us in during the set. Not sure where the miscommunication was, but it was there. After the concerts we all went to Lawrence’s place where he had prepared for us a very delicious dinner featuring baked trout. We stayed there late into the night drinking big Heinekens and listening to his music collection.


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