Son of Gunnar Ton of Shel 1/15/2008

last weekend I went to Big Sur with jen – January is the best time to go I think – the crowds are gone – the campsites are fresh – the waves are big – the trails empty. a good time. got back into oakland and got a reminder message from my friend sarah palmer that we were sharing a bill on tuesday night at El Rio in SF. A bar I hadn’t been to ever and was down with it – in the California tradition they’ve got a shuffleboard table and a great big outside area that’s used more on saturday afternoons.

Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel hadn’t played since November, and Steini just got back into town the day before from a trip to New York, so the timing was right. We played a set in between Jenn Harper’s band (with Jordan Glenn, Andy Strain and a violinist whose name I missed), and Efft – Sarah, Noah Phillips, Alee Karim and….Jordan Glenn (those good drummers end up playing in alot of bands). So, we hadn’t played together in awhile, but as always the way Steini and I play together usually works well – I go high, he goes low, I create a bed of sound, he assembles a full texture to go with. I felt a little exceptionally aggressive on this night, mainly to let things happen with thinking too much – it felt good. I used Alee’s bass amp for the electronics, and I was able to get some low feedback to work for us, not against. I brought my trumpet along, as I’ve been getting back into practicing it – the way that trumpet sounds when processed is so tempting. I need to work on it more.


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