Oberlin December 17, 2007

A cold pretty uneventful day long drive from Philly to Ohio – I changed my route to avoid the tolls and found myself in some nice out of the way places in central pennsylvania. They got alot of snow the day before which made for a gorgeous drive. Glad I didn’t have to drive through the storm. Made it to Oberlin Ohio around 6 – it’s not a big enough town to make it onto the map I had with me, so I had to get a little creative to find it after I stopped following the google map I’d printed out. No worries though, just got in a little later. Drove to Jeff Christiani’s place which is right next to the Oberlin campus. We went towards Cleveland to get Indian food with a crew of his friends and on our way back we got off track – a long day of being off track. He was interested in learning about Mills and when I found out he was St. Louis I was able to almost shock him with my second hand knowledge of that city that I’ve learned from Jen.

Didn’t end up playing until around 9:30 or so – and I played the only set in a small chapel called Fairchild. A reverberant space – stone walls, wooden pews. I did my best with it and tried to bring the sound to a full loud level. I think I did it for awhile. It was good to play there, a cold cold night in rural Ohio. Jeff showed me around the next day as I didn’t have far to go for my next date. Oberlin’s an interesting little place – students from the coasts, living away from lots of things, forces them to stay active, get creative. I remember having an Oberlin poster in highschool for some reason – didn’t really know what it was, it seemed like it was on a higher level….


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