Detroit December 18, 2007

A short drive from Oberlin. The authorities of the Ohio turnpike were friendly to me. Got up to the Bohemian National House around 6. Was able to have a good set up and talk a bit to Frode Gjerstad, Paal Nilssen-Love and Oyvind Storesund who were a bit past midway on their on tour that had crossed paths in Lexington with the Engines a few days after I did in Columbia. Not much of a turnout this night – it was quite cold outside. After playing my set for a week, I’d become much more comfortable with it and was able to enjoy its’ slow-movement quality. Allowing the music to develop, not forcing any changes. Letting things be. The music felt settled, complete. I’m looking forward to working more on this music and creating a full album. For now, the music can be heard from the flash player on my site.

Thanks to Joel at the Bohemian.

On my way back to Chicago I took some photos of this bridge in Ann Arbor:

bridge view 18


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