Baltimore 12-15-2007

An eight plus hour drive from south carolina to maryland – with a stopover to get some fireworks for my nephew. Played at the the Red Room – it was a three set night starting with the trio of Catherine Pancake, Dan Conrad (brother of Tony), and Kate Porter; followed by my set, and a final set where I joined the trio. Catherine played drums, I hadn’t seen her play drums before and I really was glad to hear her. Kate played cello, she’s a good player with a strong classical background I believe. Dan played what is called a Veena Bambina – an instrument he built himself out of a large PVC tube with a single string on the outside. Alot of variety from a simple instrument.

Despite the cold snap in Baltimore there was a good turnout, and when I played my set I felt that the audience was there to listen and had no preconceptions – which is a great thing. I felt very comfortable with my set and thought it was one of the best performances of the tour. The quartet set was fun – we played two longer improvisations – I used both saxophone and laptop. The only thing I wanted to take back was at the end of each I and Dan were still playing and I prematurely turned off the output sound of the laptop – should of extended the endings….

Thanks to Samuel Burt for the hospitality, and thanks to Devin Hurd for this posting:


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