Columbia December 14, 2007

Stayed an extra day in Asheville to visit some family and went down to Columbia on early friday afternoon. Got into town and went looking for sweaters at thrift stores with Ross – even though it was warm enough there that they were unnecessary. on this day my tour was crossing with the Engines tour – Dave Rempis, TIm Daisy, Jeb Bishop and Nate McBride. We shared a bill at the School of Music at the University of South Caroline in this super nice recital room that featured a gigantic pipe organ. The crowd showed up pretty much on time – and I played first. Tim Simmons brought the PA for me to use and as I got into the louder part of my set – which is a drone based on overblown low-tones – i noticed these kids (actual kids) in the first row covering their ears – sorry bout that one kids. I had some technical issues with this set and realized that I needed to change some things in my patch to make certain things easier to access. I want to get to the point that I can change parameters with no more than three movements on the keyboard – a tough task. The Engines set was very good – they all contribute pieces and all the arrangements combine different sections and feels – a good band for sure.


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