Asheville December 12, 2007

drove down from lexington – a five hour trip – got into town in the late afternoon, hard to find a parking spot in asheville these days. went to a coffee shop – izzy’s – waited there until meeting up with shane perlowin at the bobo gallery around 6. the show was going to be three sets – one by his trio Mind vs. Target, my solo set and then one with all of us as a quartet playing some of their music, and some of mine. I brought two tunes played by the Ton Trio – the Old Way and Internal Frame. We had a short rehearsal at six to check out the music – well, Shane, Joseph and I did – Michael, the drummer, wasn’t able to come – but, later on he filled in perfectly, picking up on the pacing of my two things quickly.The show was good – people starting showing up around 9. I felt good about my set, I allowed things to take their time and develop. The quartet set was good times – Shane, Joseph and Michael are all real good listeners as well as players – we didn’t let the improvisations go on for too long, they didn’t fall too far away from the feel of the tunes they were a part of. After hanging at the Bobo for a while longer we ended up going to Shane friend’s house for the ending of a holiday party – lots of sugary snacks were there along with a member of Negativland who lives in Asheville. a good time – special thanks to Shane and Brad from the Bobo Gallery


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