Lexington December 11, 2007

Drove down from Chicago to Lexington – six hour drive, the same distance from Oakland to LA. Going through Indianapolis the rain was hardest, but then the temperature rose about 30 degrees, from 35 to 65…..got out of Chicago right before a promised ice storm that I don’t think really happened.
So I played down here at the Icehouse, the big space run by Ross Compton. I always like playing in Lexington, people are interested in creative music, the crowds that come are listening crowds, not talkers. There were two other short sets, one guitar player with some electronics – some processing, some playback; and a fellow, Jason _____ who used a canvas as an interface with contact mics to manipulate video and create audio that he then processed further. I played through four speakers, though in mono. I set up the speakers in a half circle stretching out towards the audience in an attempt to fill up the space (a large one with very high ceilings) with sound. I think I got there during one section. I felt like I got off the game plan a little bit this night – a couple things threw me off and my pacing wasn’t where it should be. A goal with this music is to let it take it’s time and develop, and not rush it through. The show was done early, Ross and I talked for awhile, it was good – sometimes I feel like I get in and out of town without having a chance to talk to him – glad this time was different.


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