Shelton Healy Duo – Luggage Store

Played last thursday at the Luggage Store, over in San Francisco at 6th and Market with Trevor. It’s been a buy few weeks, but we were able to get together a few times before this show – we’ve been able to develop what we do together a bit, and this show felt good – lots of overdrive and sample rearranging on my side – we set up so that each of us could sample the other, I felt this was a good arrangement, pretty diplomatic – we played a good 45 minute set, with just one break – we were also able to do a 4 channel recording. the sound is getting thicker, with lots of patient energy. One particularly interesting moment came when I pulled out my electronics and Trevor when into a repetitive syncopated, though slowly changing figure with a steady pulse underlying. I then started processing his sound, splintering it in terms of time and spatialization – we went on from there.

This is part of Trevor’s arsenal – originally designed for use with the varitone!


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