Weasel Walter Dislocation Unit

Dislocation Unit
Last night played alto in a quartet with Weasel Walter on drums and Kristian Aspelin & Rob Pumpelly on guitars. The music we played was “an exploration of forms by Masayuki Takayanagi”, the Japanese guitarist. We did three pieces, a “gradual projection” and two “mass projections”. The first was played at a moderate volume – and we kept it there for 10 minutes, playing phrases that were unconnected save for the intentional spacing so that the density would not build and regress. There were spots of silence, and though they were fleeting, were not reacted to in the way of urgency. The second we started a bit more intense than originally planned, but we kept it there for another 10 minute segment. The third we went all out – I played with the help of my JBL speaker as amplification so as what I played was clear to hear over the volume of two electric guitars and Weasel. Even with the amplification I pushed for the full 10 minutes. The performance was video taped, I’m looking forward to seeing the results.


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