Fast Citizens Charlotte 9-9-2007

Another long drive – Philly to Charlotte, NC. When traveling with six folks, even a routine rest stop turns into about twenty minutes and when that happens a few times a day, that turns into a few extra hours of time on the road. We left Philly at 9:30 and got into Charlotte just before 8 PM. woah.
Brent Bagwell set up a date at a spot that’s run out of the back of a vintage furniture and clothing store called the Century. A last minute turn of events brought us down to Charlotte and it ended up working out for the better. Got dinner at a slightly strange BBQ place nearby – got a really tasty veggie burger. Brent played an improvised set with a guitarist and a cellist – they concentrated on more textural and sonic elements than I had heard Brent do before and it was quite nice. Our set had a different kind of energy than the previous 5 nights we’ve played and I think it was due to the room. Most of the spaces we’ve played in so far have been very live. Big spaces with lots of hard surfaces. This space was the opposite – thick carpet on the floor and a room full of thick padded chairs and couches and hangings on the wall. It was dry – real dry. So, it tended to take some energy out of the sounds of our instruments and a natural reaction to it came out in our playing – things were more subdued and we went into spaces that we normally don’t go into. Keefe had a particularly nice solo during Signs: he, Frank, Anton and Fred really brought it down before bring it back up – with nothing being forced.
Afterwards I and Anton stayed over at Brent’s new place – he no longer lives outside of town on the 400 acre farm, but they still do have a charming house and now Charlie, his and Amy’s son is getting more mobile ad talkative. Good times.


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