Fast Citizens Detroit 9-4-2007

First stop of the tour – the Bohemian National Home in Detroit Michigan. This large building in a typically thinned out neighborhood in Detroit was once the home of a Bohemian Community Center, complete with a ballroom and classrooms, etc. Detroit is one of those places that is probably alot like what most cities in the US were in the 80s – rundown and dirt cheap. Lots of interesting things we found out from Joel Peterson including that due to the economic depression lots of national chains won’t set up shop in town which leaves lots of room for small independent places to go unopposed by those chains – so a coffee shop doesn’t need to worry about a starbucks setting up across the street. plus, you can find a two bedroom for $300 a month.
So the first date went well – we played two sets for a small audience – we played well. The room was real boomy and loud – Anton’s bass was a bit covered due to that. I recorded both sets and will put up some mp3s from the show soon. Spent the night at the Bohemian National as well – the sound of the summer bugs was steady and loud – and relaxing. I set my alarm for 6:30 the next morning and got a few hours of sleep before the big drive to NYC.


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