Pink Canoes KFJC 8-18-2007

Went down to Los Altos, Ca on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It’s only about an hour’s drive from Oakland going over the San Mateo bridge. I rode down with Noah and Travis – Noah had just flown back in from New York the night before. We met Zach at the radio station at Foothill Community College. He showed up in his new ride – a pristine 1981 Benz Sedan that he just picked up. Very nice bio-diesel. It was really a gorgeous afternoon with the golden hills that are bountiful this time of year. So, instead of enjoying that, we went inside of a radio station to play some music.
KFJC is out of range to hear up in Oakland, but from the posters I saw on their walls, I wish it was – lots of interesting music dating back a few decades. Bay area radio has a long way to go – KALX needs to pick it up!
We set up all our equipment in a triangular shaped room surrounded by music and played for about an hour on the radio. They’re signal kept going out before and after we played, but for some reason the tower kept the power going for our set.

The music turned out real well – with a good range of activity – drones, noisy, active, energy. Turned out that me and my processing are a little dominant in the recording that went out in the airwaves and there’s a crazy polarity issue too. check it out:

div.fetish object, div.fetish embed {width:300px;height:185px;visibility:visible;z-index:5;}div.fetish div.fetishButton {display:block;position:relative;top:-35px;z-index:6;text-align:center;}div.fetish div.fetishButton img {border-style:none;border-width:0px;}

I made this Flash Music Player at


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