Allbee/Shelton/Walter 21 Grand

Last night played at 21 Grand with Liz Allbee and Weasel Walter – I’ve been meaning to play in a trio with these two since we’ve played in quintet version before + Damon Smith and Aurora Josephson. I also asked Liz to bring her electronics and Weasel to bring another instrument – he brought a bass clarinet. I brought my electronics along too – more options. I wrote three pieces for us to play through – lots of improvising within, but some chords to be played together to set up tonalities – little melodic phrases to act as points where we could meet up again. Weasel sounded good on bass clarinet – he studied it for a few years back in the early nineties. That’s the blessing of woodwinds – maintaining the ol’ embouchure isn’t as important as on brasses. It was a good group to play with – looking forward to doing it again – the possibilities with all the sounds we can bring are pretty open…. Ben Bracken played with Jackie from JapJap – a piece with contact mics on cymbals, some feedback through contact mics, some amplification and processing though electronics.
If Volition Then played first – Jason Hoopes, Amanda Schoofs, Michael Dale, Andy Strain and Jordan Glenn. They’ve been improvising alot together and definitely have a concept bringing their music together. Sounded good.


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