Trio with Weasel Walter & David Slusser

Played last night with Weasel Walter and David Slusser at Scott Looney’s 8th St Performance Space. Haven’t played with David before – he’s a saxophonist and electronicist – I liked how he played both – he brought his soprano and some analog gear, I brought bass clarinet and computer – Weasel brought drums and electric guitar. We started and I noticed that I didn’t have really any sound coming from the speakers – looked at Scott, he thought I blew the speakers – a shock to me – I’ve never come close to doing such a thing – didn’t know how brutal I’ve become Weasel said. Was able to play some electronics through a small amp, but after a bit we ditched the other stuff and just played acoustic. It was a good time – Weasel played in the second set too with Scott, Damon Smith and Kristian Appelin – all free, real active. Scott did some nice sample based electronics – has good control of them using an Alesis device, then played piano – which he plays really well – interesting player with notes and inside the piano. It was a good night – hung out, drank wine, ate BBQ potato chips afterwards – Jen was glad she skipped the John Wiese show for it.


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