Peltep Mills College 2-24-2007

I’ve been working on new music lately – full band with electronics – the first piece of which is done and titled Peltep. It’s for alto, trombone, piano, guitar, drums & percussion. Joining me on the piece were Steini Gunnarson, Kiyomitsu Odai, Andy Strain, Jordan Glenn and Anantha Krishnan. All of the fellows are here at Mills now, and it’s a good thing. We played as part of Signal Flow, which is the spring festival for works by the graduate students here. I started working on the piece when I got back to California after my winter travelling – the goal was to write music that used the sound of the group to boost itself – live sampling of every instrument controlled through amplitude responsive devices in MSP. I feel like the finished piece is the best blending I’ve done yet of the two sides of music that I play – that which is rooted in creative jazz and the electroacoustic composition. The set up included all the instruments being mic’d and sent to my interface, then processed and sent out via quadraphonic sound into the concert hall. Lots of panning motion, dependent on the part of the piece in terms of velocity. I set up the electronics so as to have as little control once we got going – and I think it worked well – set the volume and certain thresholds for the amplitude triggering during the sound check. Definitely happy with how we played it. It was recorded so as soon as I get that I’ll post it to my site.


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