Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel Chicago January 2007

I was in Chicago for a little more than a week after the Dragons tour ended. My friend Toby Sumerfield asked me to stay in town to play in his large group Never Enough Hope. I took the opportunity to have Steini Gunnarson stop in town on his way back to Californa and Mills from his winter vacation in Iceland so that Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel could play a few dates. Steini and I have been playing together pretty much since I moved out west. Especially during our first year here we would get together to play. It was a good fit from the beginning. We each played our instruments and did electronics – discussion was limited as we seem to have agreeing ideas of how to improvise music. We’ve recorded a number of times and are now starting to play more publicly with a record on the way from Edgetone.
We played two shows and were invited by Michael Corsa to play on WNUR. The first show was on thursday night at Enemy, the space ran by Jason Soliday above Heaven gallery. Brian Labycz set up the show for us – he played in duo with Vadim Sprikut, the night rounded out by Architeuthis Walks on Land, a duo of Amy Cimini and Katie Young. Brian and Vadim sounded great – they both play electronics of the laptop kind – they’ve been playing live dates for awhile now and you can tell it with the fluidity they’ve got with their computers. Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel played as a trio with Johnathan Crawford on drums. We got together earlier in the day to play – it was great – played very freely, everything went together. I was happy with the show too, but the private time was something else. Johnathan sounded great – maybe we should make an album called Son of Ghost….
The next night we played at the Empty Bottle, just the two of us. It was great to play the Bottle, Shelly took care of us from the board. Playing through a large, loud PA lets you realize just how much low-frequency you can get out of a computer. We played a patient set – I was happy with it. The thing I like most of our duo is the patience we give to each other. I’m not sure if we’ve been able to achieve the same level of patience in public as in private, but it’s getting there.


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