solo set Mama Buzz 9-15-2006

got back to the bay area more than a month ago, and i’ve been doing some playing with some different groups, a Moe Staiano date and a few dates with Damon Smith and others. haven’t written about them though, have i? Nope. Sorry. But, this last week I played my first solo instrument show….ever? I think so. It took me to enter my 30s (on the 14th) before I would play a show alone with just a wind instrument (well, 2 in this case) since I was an undergraduate at UF playing a solo recital. Why? Well, I usually don’t think much of solo sets – music is good with multiple people involved, so why screw it up? Well, (I’m saying well alot) I tried to make this a duo set, but all the folk I asked to play (scott rosenberg, liz albee, though of some others) were all unavailable for this date. So, I decided that solo was the way to go.
I played alto saxophone & bass clarinet – my favorites. It’s taken me awhile to start to feel like I’m actually able to play some shit on bass clarinet, but over the few years I’ve been working on it, things are starting to feel better. I played a set of about 40 minutes, all improvised, with some guiding thoughts, nothing very specific, but a desire to play different pieces, each focused & without playing everything in each piece – it was a good experience for sure. I do remember that after my first bass clarinet piece I had worked up a pretty good sweat. One funny thing was that as I was starting my second piece, on alto, I heard from outside the windows two guys talking about different saxophone players they’d seen play around town – i’m an eavesdropper for sure….

also – i’ve got a website now!

audio clips!

(not yet, but soon)

guess what it’s called?


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