Rolldown July 2006

I’ve been busy here in Chicago for the past week plus. One group in particular that I’ve played with is the Jason Adasiewicz led Rolldown with Josh Berman, Jason Roebke & Frank Rosaly. last summer we recorded as a group at Electrical Studios, since then I think they’ve played a few dates, but it was good to be able to play together this week. The first date was at Elastic on thursday the 13th. The second was at the Hungry Brain three nights later. We only had a chance for one rehearsal and Jason brought some new tunes that were tricky & good. The music takes advantage of the instruments – with complicated parts in the vibes, harmonizations in the horns, and counterlines in the bass & drums. Jason’s composition style is definitely in the jazz tradition, and he’s open to free sections right alongside chord changes and everything in between. His pieces strongly influence the improvising sections. Both times we played the band felt very fluid playing together – the best thing about having the experience of playing with people for a couple of years is that you don’t need a lot of rehearsal to get things together. At sunday at the Brain, the crowd was really a good size and were listening – we played a full hour set, but it didn’t feel long at all. After us, a quartet of jamie branch, jason stein, jeb bishop and anton hatwich played – they’re called block & tackle. Pieces by Branch, a trumpeter – repetitive lines, one piece in particular had some really subtle phasing going on which sounded real good. A good night in all at the Brain – I stayed late with Jason as the crowd trickled out slowly – we hung out with Dan and and Jeb Bishop right there at the end.


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