Dragons 1976 Charlotte 6-28-2006

Down to the south during June, not the hottest of months but the possibility is there for some true heat. Driving in the Benz with no AC….we had driven through rain for about 4 days and it finally stopped, so we were able to dry out the car that had built up some moisture. Got into Charlotte NC on wednesday the 28th – our friend Brent Bagwell set up a show at the Evening Muse, a nice venue in an up&coming neighborhood in Charlotte. Brent’s a good guy – saxophonist playing tenor & baritone, we’ve done shows with him before down here and we played a bill together up in Chicago once – Dragons & his group Eastern Seaboard. For this night there were three groups – his Project Bluebird, a project witha bassist and a doubler on cello & violin. All improvised in a loose melodic style with each of the three building from what they heard each other do previously. We played the middle set & the crowd that came were good listeners, though the energy level wasn’t really that high – maybe we could’ve done more…maybe not. Afterwards we hit a diner in Charlotte for late night snacks before heading out to Brent’s place, which he’s actually moving from in just a week. He’s been living about 45 minutes outside of Charlotte on alarge piece of land with a turkey farm on it, a river nearby, lots of woods and fields with cows being the primaray population. We finished the night off with a glass of scotch and got a goo dnight sleep in the quiet north carlolina countryside.


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