Dragons 1976 Boston 6-21-2006

We had a two day stay in Boston, well Tim & I did anyway. We had our last day off of the tour before a stretch of thirteen straight nights with some playing involved. We got down to Boston on tuesday afternoon, Jason headed down to New York to play with Matt Bauder and Alan Licht. Tim & I hung out at Charlie Kohlhase’s place – he’s got a great jazz record collection. We spent much of the time we were there picking out albums we hadn’t heard and watching some videos of jazz music. It was a nice way to spend a day off on the road. The first night we were there we actually rehearsed with Charlie’s group “The Explorer’s Club”, another good way to spend some time off, playing some music you’d not before.
The show on wednesday was at a space called the Lily Pad in Cambridge. The order for the night was Dragons’s, Explorer’s Club, then a set with both groups – so three drummers, two bassists, three saxophones, a trombone and a guitar. Unfortunately, Jason ran into all sorts of bad traffic on the way back from New York, so his trip took 6 hours instead of the more typical 4. We pushed back the start of the night and within 15 minutes of him getting there we started playing. The set turned out pretty well, we started with Passage, our slowest piece, moved into Drifting and ended with Brand New – did I forget one? Maybe. I remember the set wasn’t supposed to be too long because we started kind of late, but I think there was one more tune in there. Sorry.
I’ve been playing louder on this tour, now a week into the tour I feel like I’m getting more used to playing that loud, which is a good thing. Most of the folks at the show were other musicians and it was good to talk to them.


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