Dragons 1976 Portland 6-19-2006

The tour continues through hot highways that are getting more humid as we’ve come down out of Canada and into the northeastern states. After a 12 hour stopover that included playing at a place for a few friends and “industry” (service) in Syracuse, we drove out to Portland Maine for a monday night show at Space Gallery. It was a triple bill with another trio of saxophone bass & drums called Mystic OutBop Review and Fence Kitchen. I’d never been to Portland, but it seems like a decent place, the gallery defintely has a good thing going on and we had tasty burritos in the Old Port section. By the time we played a good crowd had showed up and we played just one set – our first show with other groups so we could concentrate all our energies into one. We did our most standard set nowadays, starting with Felt and moving gradually into Passage. After taking a breath we got got into a more drone based mindset before settling into Drifting. We ended with Sock It, a song that was included on a compilation put out by Arthur Magazine in conjunction with the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival in Montreal. On this last song, we had Jason’s friend Johnathan Bangs come and play with us. He’s a trumpeter & a dragon ’76, so it made sense. The folk in Portland treated us well and we were glad to have been there.


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