Dragons Montreal 6-15-2006

We got into Montreal right during rush hour – there was a pretty serious accident slowing us down on the way into the city – looked liked about ten cars were involved two of which were in real bad shape – one completely flipped. Other than that the road from Toronto was nice with the slight Candian countryside rolling by.
We played at the Casa del Popolo as part of the Suono per il Popolo festival which is going all all month here in Montreal at the Casa as well as the larger venue La Sala Rosa across the street. We thought we’d have a chance to do a bit of practicing but were shut down by the sound man after just five minutes – one of the toughest things to do on the road is practice. It was alright though – by the time we played later in the night there was a good crowd and we played two sets with lots of energy. Our second set was an hour long and we took no breaks in between any song. Almost exhausting but I think it was more because the room was a bit warm than due to playing. During the first set we played a new piece which is very fast with almost a march-like quality – I had told Tim that I would cue him out with me in order to leave Ajemian alone, who I hadn’t told about the cue – I was trying to surprise him, but when I cued out Tim & myself, he stopped as well – it created this pretty great long moment of awkward silence where no one clapped and we said nothing – I broke the silence by playing the rhytmic introduction of Heater.
We had an extra day off in Montreal – I spent most of the day walking around the town – there was a large street fair, mostly filled with shops, but some buskers and stages also. A good place to have a day off – but hot – it’s summer after all.


One thought on “Dragons Montreal 6-15-2006

  1. Montreal loves drangons1976 because they sound like:
    2.the centre of the earth

    And I hope the moderator approves this comment.

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