Dragons 1976 Toronto 6-14-2006

Tonight was the first time Dragons 1976 has played in over a year. I flew to Chicago on tuesday and after meeting up with Tim Daisy at his place got a falafel at Sultan’s in Wicker Park before heading over to Johnathan Crawford’s place to help print the covers for our album Winter Break. After not getting much interest from any labels, we decided to make a limited release of 150 CD-Rs with handmade silk screened packaging. My first time back in Chicago since last December was spent working quickly to make sure we had the artwork printed, cut & folded before hitting the road.
Daisy played a show with the Rempis Percussion Quartet at the Hideout on wednesday night before we left town at about 1:30 AM. Jason Ajemian got into chicago on wednesday afternoon after flying in from Switzerland – he’d been there playing at an Art Show in Basel with his brother Lucas. So, a lot of driving late night and the next day to get us to Toronto on time to play at a club called the Red Guitar. It’s a nice place – has two levels – one where the music is played and the full course menu is available, and above that a lounge and patio. We ate some food and had some good coffee – Ron Gaskin showed up a little later.
We played two sets to a small but attentive audience. As we had no time for any rehearsals before this date the music was loose but also fresh. We played many of our old tunes like Felt, Canopy, Heater, Brand New and tried to work in some of the new material I’d written recently. It felt good to play with Tim & Jason again – I definitely played more open than I had in previous incarnations of this band.


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