Solo Set 21 Grand 5-26-2006

Played a solo set at 21 Grand last Friday night. It’s the first time that I’ve played a solo show out here – and one of the few times in general. Instead of bringing saxophone, clarinet, etc I used my computer to make the music. Similar to what I do when playing with saxophone & computer, but more static and with more attention paid to the different layers of sound coming out of the audio output. For the set I used two long drum samples, one of Johnathan Crawford, one of Steve Hess & samples of my saxophone, clarinet and trumpet, one each. I got to 21 Grand a half hour after the show was supposed to start – I got my times all wrong and had my folks in town so had brought them up to the Armstrong Redwoods and Goat Rock State Beach up in Sonoma County. But set up quick and was ready to play my opening spot within about 5 minutes – that’s a nice thing about just bring the saxophone or just the computer – no big setup system, no microphones etc… There were two other sets – one with Matt Davignon and the last with the group Mire that features pedal steel gutiar, drums & laptop. Unfortunately I had to leave in the middle of their set as my folks were getting tired & wanted to get back to the hotel. I made the mistake of leaving my jacket with the car keys basically on the stage, so had to slide my way up there while Mire was playing – sorry ’bout that…
– glad to play the solo set though and looking forward to doing more –


One thought on “Solo Set 21 Grand 5-26-2006

  1. Hi Aram.

    Hugh, Robert and I are so glad we got to “see” what you’ve been up to musically. Thanks for taking us to 21 Grand – it was definitely one of the best parts of our brief visit.

    Please let Mire know that I’m sorry for dragging you out during their set if I hadn’t been completely exhausted from our trek to the Redwoods and the Pacific, we never would have left early.

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