Pink Canoes Luggage Store 5-18-2006

A thursday night in the summer in San Francisco – that was yesterday when the Pink Canoes played at the Luggage Store on Market Street. Across the street was Phil Lesh & Friends doing there thing, so in addition to the regular tenderloin crack headed madness there were gaggles of hippie-kids getting ready for their show. San Francisco street scenes are tough to beat sometimes…. First show in a few weeks for the Canoes – they had actually played a show down in LA on the 5th opening for a Nels Cline group, but I couldn’t make that show. It seems everytime I play with the Canoes it’s a little different and I bring some different permutation of my set-up. This night I brought my soprano and the computer. I liked using the soprano in the group – the higher range worked well in being able to be heard without having to play overly loud. Using an instrument sans neckstrap also works well when needing to put it down to concentrate on the computer. Afterwards we all went to the Kerry House, a bar in Oakland away from the tourists. We talked about how to get people to come see our music. If anyone has a suggestion, let us know.


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