Quintet 21 Grand 4-21-2006

Last Friday I played at 21 Grand in a group with weasel walter on drums, liz albee on trumpet, damon smith on bass and aurora josephson on voice. The group was put together by aurora, who went to Mills and still lives in the bay area. We got together about a month ago to play and what happened last Friday was similar to our first meeting. Everyone in the group are good musicians that have just as good ears and our styles mesh well. At no point did I ever feel that the music was boring, or that something else “needed” to be done, but something else was always about to happen and for the most part all the decisions made affected the rest of the music in the way you’d want it to. Weasel was glad to play in a group where he isn’t expected to play loud the whole time, Aurora is about the most tasteful vocalist I’ve heard in a long time and Liz’s trumpet playing is right on, there were parts when each of us backed the other up. We played the longest set of the night, there were three bands, it started at 9:00 and was over by 11:15. We played the second set and we set up in the middle of the room, surrounded by the audience but facing in. This allowed for us to be able to hear each other before the natural echo of the space affected our sounds – a good idea when playing in a bouncy space. We’ll be recording in early May, my last recording before the summer break at Mills starts.


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