SOG,TOS Luggage Store 3-2-2006

First time bringin a project to play in San Francisco proper. The group Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel, a duo between myself and Steini Gunnarson, the guitarist from Iceland. We started playing together last fall – we’ve actually been able to play together quite a bit and record a number of the session – sometimes it’s just acoustic saxophone and guitar, but mostly we bring our computers along to play. We played at the Luggage Store Gallery in downtown San Francisco. It’s right near (or in) the Tenderloin, on the second floor of a building on Market Street. A nice sized space with high ceilings next door to the delicious taqueria Cancun. The first group to play was a trio of Alexander Kort (electric cello) with Marty Dowers (reeds) and Christopher Fleeger (electronics). It was all improvised, Christopher was processing the two instrumentalists via MSP. We played at nine – the space is a bit boomy but we took advantage of this by letting our sounds bounce off the walls. It was a good first show for us – transferring what we do in a secluded environment to a public one is a little tricky, but you’ve got to do the public sometimes before you can relaly get your thing going. Matt & Rent, who run the series, were really into it and invited us back. Bob Marsh came out also – he lived in Chicago when I first moved there and moved out here about 5 years ago.


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