i really have been playing

hey all, sorry bout the long delay, it’s not like i moved out to california and then never played music again. it’s not like that – it’s just that i’m taking a break from the routine of dragging my gear out to random venues around the town i live in to focus in on some other things. but, i am still playing music. i’ve been playing with a guitarist from iceland whose name is gundmundur gunnarson but goes by steini. we’ve been improvising together – some all acoustic, some with our computers as well – we’ve been recording whenever we play, hopefully we’ll get together enough good stuff to put an album together and we can all hear what a florida iceland connection sounds like.
this past weekend i finally me tup with scott rosenberg, he’s been living out here for a few years now, lived here in the mid-90s when he went to school at Mills – and after several years of moving around he moved back to the bay. he had called me a few weeks back about hanging out on a recording session on this past saturday night – i was game, so grabbed my clarinet and took the 20 minute walk to downtown oakland. it’s a nice walk past lake merritt – the sun was going down – wind was blowing – very fall like. the project that was going on was a series of songs based on steinbeck stories. the first track we played on was set on a party scene, so first we layed down some tracks of scott & i playing clarinet annd sopranino, in a loose fun way. next was some extra percussion and hand claps – we made it sound more like a party – it only took us a little time to fill up the tracks, so we moved on to some other songs which were more dark mood – put in some nice long tones, on another got a bit more loose – scott busted out the contrabass clarinet to get some nice sub tones.
i’ve been busier at school than i’d at first thought i’d be – but working on good things, going to write some music for violin, clarinet, tabletop guitar and manipulation – when will the first show be in the wild world of oakland or sf? who knows….


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