24 hour drone 9-3&4-2005

drone d.JPG
Originally uploaded by dragonseventysix.

Second week out here at Mills College & there was a 24 hour drone…didn’t know how much I’d be a part of it, but after starting up around 9 on Saturday night, I stayed part of the drone until about 3:30 AM, and then helped Norman, Michael, Steiny, Travis and a few others finish the drone from 5PM to 8PM the next day. It was a good time for a drone, those of us involved would get something droning on our assorted equipment, and then with the aid of feedback or computer noise keep it going while we would take a break outside the room. It was on lthe loud side for most of the time, so a bit trying to stya in the room the whole time. Not a meditative drone, but there were moments….


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