new digs, new sights

i’ve made it to the west coast….hard to believe i left chicago a week ago yesterday, it seems like i left yesterday, but i guess three days of straight driving and then a two day trip to a city where you’ve gotta drive all over does that to you. i’ve moved into the space i’ll be calling home for abit – it’s a good spot with aview of the hill across the way, nice windows, a cat named junebug, and a rommate who tends to be gone all day…pretty sweet. i’ve been getting used to oakland via bicycle, the hills are a double edged sword, going up some of the big ones make you curse, but on the way down the quick ride makes up for it. today i rode up to joaquin miller park, going up there was tough, but the view was worth it and coming down fast never felt so good – i’ve gotta get used to the descents, it makes you think twice when you’re zooming down hills on your bike at 30 or so mph.
i have to say i’m pretty happy with my living situation, though jen will not be here for a few months and that makes things a bit lonely. in the neighborhood there’s all the things i need, good coffe place (cafe dibartolo), restaurants, movie theater, park, grocery store, bagels, kosher deli, natural foods store, and of course a starbucks and gap….
working on the gery ghost recording, we recorded just days before i left chicago and we got some very good music down. thankfully i’ve got plenty of time to editing and mix and make it sound good. i’m looking forward to doing it right, getting it out there and making some noise.


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