last week in chicago

empty oak st beach
Originally uploaded by lonesome cowgirl.

so it is my last week in chicago. my last show was back on the 24th of july, i’ve been pretty busy with some recording sessions & figuring out how i’m going to move my stuff across the country. it’s going well though. yesterday & today jen & I made it out to lake michigan for some swimming. after a brief respite from the heat, it is back & badder than ever. well, maybe not ever. but it is hot enough to make doing things in the apartment out of the question, unless you want to sweat it out. going to the lake was great though. we had woken early to try to take some pictures of the city with morning light, but the sun gets up real early these days – we were out there by 7 and the sun was already pretty high. we cruised a bit before deciding to go the lake in between the oak street and north avenue beaches. this spot is good because you can jump right into nice cold water, it’s deep enough that you don’t touch the bottom when you make the leap. good times.
last night i invited folk to the charleston for goodbye drinks. it was a good time – people showed up around 9 or 10, most of the folks at the bar were friends, and it was good to see everyone. when i’d played at the brain two weekends ago i felt uncomfortable with it being my “last show” in town. i hope it’s not the last show, i feel like coming back to chicago in one way or another is important & it will be done. last night made me feel good about the folks i know here in chicago.. i know i’m welcome back whenever i’d like to come.


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