grey ghost / fast citizens / hungry brain 7-24-2005

and all good things must come to an end, or at least a stopping point… as i’ll be driving cross coutnry to oakland in a little less than two weeks, this date was arranged as my last night to play at the hungry brain, at least for the time being. josh berman & mike reed, who have been booking the series for several years now, really wanted me to have this night. along with jason ajemian and tim daisy I played the first installment of what is known as the transmission series.
so for my last night there I played with two groups: grey ghost and fast citizens. fast citizens is a band that i truly have a good time playing with and i feel has been one of the most communal groups i’ve been in since living in chicago. keefe jackson writes most of the music in the group, but it seems like everyone really has an equal say it what goes on in the music, and this is a good thing. also, due to it being a sextet, no personality can dominate too much. johnathan crawford and i have been grey ghost for a good 3 or 4 years by this point, and we’ve been able to grow to be able to play together with alot of intuition and individuality.
yesterday was hottt, about 105 degrees all day, i had spent it with jen going to places that had air conditioning, first the alliance bakery, then to a movie, then up to argyle street for vietnamese food at pho 777 and then finally the hungry brain. people trickle into the brain later & later nowadays, so it’s not really the band’s fault that we started aroudn 10:30. both sets were good, and we didn’t get done until about 1:00 (pretty late for a sunday). it was a good night and i hope to be back in the not too far future –


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