electronicians rodan 7-21-2005

it’s been a while since i played, i know it – went on a two week trip out west to do some camping out in the olympic peninsula and to find a new place in oakland. you can check out pictures from that trip here. so, who knows how much i’ll be playing out once i’m there in oakland, but i’m sure some things will be going on. i’m finishing up my chicago time with some recording sessions, btu also just a few more live dates. next week i’ll be recording with this group that we’ve called the elctronicians. it’s me on saxophone & computer, nori tanaka on drums, jason ajemian on upright bass & pedals; and matt lux on electric bass. we’ve played at rodan a handful of times int he last month or so, and usually have a good time at it, making lots of noise & getting into some real grooves. it’s a comfortable gig – have dinner around 9:30, start playing around 10:30, do two sets, and end near closing time. Rodan doesn’t have a listening audience, so if you can block them out you can have a good time. It’s not a place to be too introspective, otherwise the crowd noise would drown you out. another thing is that we can get real loud real quick in there, and because we’ve got three good sized amps within about 8 feet of each other, you can be fooled into thinking you’re making a sound that someone else in the group is making. it;s kind of like – am i making that sound? why is it so loud? oh, that’s cool, oops, not me, oh, it’s me doing the really annoying thing right now, or is it? confusing to be sure.
alwaysa good time though, especially when getting the johnny red’s from the bar….


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